Break Up Recovery Kit
The Breakup Recovery kit is a combination of four bottles intended to help people who just broke up through the first four stages of the grieving process—denial, anger, bargaining, depression. Each bottle is designed specifically for different symptoms and mindsets by using contrasting colors, typography and progress bars to show the stage of the medication process.
Branding, Packaging, Graphic Design
Branding for Taste Design Studio. TASTE Design is a branding and design studio specializing in helping small business explode in popularity through strong conceptual and carefully crafted design to connect with their audience.
Branding, Identity, Graphic Design
Museum of Unusual Food
The Museum of Unusual Food (MOUF) provides unique culinary experiences that introduce visitors to strange and unusual foods through interactive exhibits that engage their senses of taste, touch, and smell. Our mission is to enchant and inspire curiosity in diverse food cultures and culinary traditions.
Branding, Graphic Design, Art Direction,
Tea of Forgetting
MENGPO Tea of Forgetting originates from an ancient Chinese legend. A women named Mengpo serves tea to souls passing through the realm of the dead. It's a special tea made from that spirit's tears. When a spirit drinks the tea. All his memories are erased. He is ready to be reborn into the next life. The cycle of reincarnation continues over and over again.
Packaging, Branding, Graphic Design
Fresh Gratitude
Fresh Gratitude is a simple and economical system for ordering and delivering single stem flowers and small plants. The program provides a selection of flowers and plants that symbolize or suggest gratitude and include personalized messages of thanks, to foster and build a welcome culture of appreciation.
Graphic Design, Illustration, Branding
Poem Hat
POEM HAT is a hat designed to communicate a culture that I belong to. I use a folding fan as a form combined with Chinese and English words to represent my culture and life experience from two countries.
Product Design, Typography, Art Direction
Thinking with Type
Book Redesign for the third edition of Thinking with Type. Raw materials were provided by Maryland Institute College of Art, Graphic Design department.
Graphic Design, Editorial Design, Typography
Chicago Foodie Map
Chicago Foodie Map is an illustration food guide for travelers, visitors and all food lovers in Chicago. 
Illustration, Graphic Design, Art Direction
Graphic Insights
A series of typographic posters for the lesson that I learned from Grad school. Daily poster design for 16 days.
Graphic Design, Typography, Posters
Typographic design for song lyrics
Typography, Graphic Design, Illustration
EGG LAB Infographic
Egg is a food I eat every day. This diagram illustrates 7 types of cuisines I made with eggs and lists their complexity, preference, ingredients, time of cooking, where they originate from and the key to successfully cooking them.
Infographic, Illustration, Poster
Foodie-tector is a proof of concept for an interactive app. I made this motion graphic to demonstrate my idea and show how this app works.
Motion Graphics, Illustration, UI/UX
Cantonese Cuisine GIFs
Known also as Canton, Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong province and one of the most prosperous cities in China. The city is also famous for its food. Born and raised in Guangzhou, I animated five typical Cantonese cuisines that you can’t miss as a traveler for this city.
Motion Graphics, Illustration
Two sides of "Yo"
Two sides of Yo is a redesign project for "Meiyou", a mobile application that provides assistance related to the menstrual helath, beauty, and overall health of Chinese females.
Graphic Design, Illustration, Character Design
Magazine Design 2015
Publication Design for Vox Magazine from 2015-2016
Graphic Design, Illustration
Cartoon Illustration Set
Graphic Design, Illustration, Cartooning